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Baoding Sanzheng Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of induction heating equipment, and a high-tech modern enterprise with integration of research, development and production.

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Si-MOSFET Solid-state high frequency induction heating equipment

Steel pipe welding, brazing, hot assembly, paint drying, quenching, tempering, annealing, normalizing, quenching and tempering, metal oxide smelting and other hot working and heat treatment processes.




Applicable scope
  • Steel pipe welding, brazing, hot assembly, paint drying, quenching, tempering, annealing, normalizing, quenching and tempering, metal oxide smelting and other hot working and heat treatment processes.
Functional structure
  • The Si-MOSFET solid-state high-frequency induction heating power supply adopts an AC-DC-AC frequency conversion structure, and the rectifier can adopt three structures to meet the different needs of customers or different power levels: 3-phase 6-pulse thyristor rectification, diode rectification and IGBT DC chopping, and 12-pulse thyristor rectification. The inverter adopts IXYS high-voltage high-power Si-MOSFET module to form a full bridge series resonant inverter. The inverter output completes power combining, load impedance matching and electrical isolation through high-efficiency ferrite matching transformer. The resonant tank circuit adopts water-cooled polypropylene film capacitors to form a series resonant circuit.
  • For low-power equipment (≤ 400kW), the power supply adopts the integrated structure. For high-power equipment, the power supply adopts the split structure. The complete equipment consists of high-frequency power cabinet, circulating soft water cooling system, operation console (optional), positioning table (optional), etc. 

3-phase 6-pulse rectification

3-phase 12-pulse rectification

Technical characteristics
  • 1) Adopting new type integrated inverter power unit, with simple and reliable structure and easy to be maintained. Aluminum heat dissipation plate with embedded copper tube can ensure good heat dissipation effect, and PCB high-frequency absorption capacitor plate can ensure excellent absorption effect. Si-MOSFET and fast recovery diodes use IXYS high-power modules.
  • 2) The inverter phase-locked circuit adopts full digital control technology, and the main control chip adopts industrial grade FPGA microprocessor, which has high reliability and flexibility. It not only has high phase-locked accuracy and wide phase-locked range, but also can meet the special needs of different users for external interfaces.
  • 3) The rectifier adopts an industrial grade FPGA microprocessor control system to achieve precise synchronous triggering, with high control accuracy and low non-characteristic harmonics on the grid side. It can achieve different operating modes such as constant power, constant voltage, and constant current.
  • 4) The adoption of pulse shielded modulation (PSM) inverter power regulation technology can realize the automatic load matching function of the power supply, with strong load adaptability, high electrical efficiency, and high power factor on the grid side.
  • 5) Having perfect protection functions of overvoltage, overcurrent, loss of lock, temperature, water flow, etc., with reliable operation and low failure rate.
  • 6) Friendly human-machine interaction system:The PLC and color touch screen are adopted to form a complete HMI (human-machine interface system). On the one hand, the communication control with the user's upper computer is realized through Ethernet or DP communication, on the other hand, the automatic logic control, fault display and fault diagnosis functions of the power supply system can be realized, and the big data analysis and recording function is also available.
Technical indicators
  • Power range: 10kW-4000kW
  • Frequency range: 100kHz-800kHz
  • Rated DC voltage: 450V
  • Grid voltage: 220V~400V,50/60Hz, 3-phase system




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