Vacuum tube high frequency induction heating equipment

The high frequency power supply of electron tube is still an irreplaceable position and widely used at frequencies over 1MHz or other special applications. The full digital AC voltage regulation technology ensures the symmetrical three-phase balance of the AC side, and the non characteristic sub harmonic content of the network measurement is small, and the power factor of the network side is high. The self-excited oscillation loop of electron tube is optimized, with stable oscillation, high efficiency and no parasitic oscillation. It can be applied to the field of ultra high frequency induction heating.

Application scope
Plasma gas generator, monocrystalline silicon zone melting, food and wood drying, metal smelting, brazing, heating, quenching, etc.

Technological index

Power scope: 50kW-1200kW

Frequency scope: 100kHz-20000kHz

Rated DC voltage: 10000V-15000V

Power grid voltage: 220V~660V,50/60Hz,3-phase


Function & structure

For frequency higher than 1MHz or other special application field, vacuum tube high frequency induction heating equipment is still irreplaceable with wide application.

Vacuum tube high frequency induction heating equipment converts the power frequency AC voltage to be adjustable high voltage DC voltage, with the matching of 3-phase AC voltage regulation circuit, step-up transformer, high voltage rectifying silicon stack (6-pulse or 12-pulse). The oscillating circuit adopts high frequency large power vacuum tube generating self-oscillation. Resonant tank circuit can adopt single circuit or triple loop.

The complete set of equipment is composed of AC voltage regulation cabinet, step-up transformer, vacuum tube oscillating cabinet and tank circuit cabinet, circulation soft water cooler, control desk (optional), positioning table (optional), etc.


High frequency power supply for electronic tube

Vacuum tube high frequency induction heating equipment


Technical features

1) Adopt good quality high frequency large power vacuum tube and high voltage vacuum capacitor to form resonant oscillator.

2) DC voltage regulating cabinet and high frequency oscillating cabinet can adopt integrated design for small power grade, or independent design for large power grade, which is convenient for layout at site.

3) Full digital AC voltage regulation control technology adopted, to ensure AC side 3-phase balance symmetry with small grid side non characteristic subharmonic content and high grid side power factor.

4) Vacuum tube self-oscillation circuit adopts optimal design, which has stable oscillation and high efficiency without parasitic oscillation, and suitable for ultrahigh Frequency induction heating field.

5) It has the perfect protection function of over voltage, over current, Loss of lock, temperature and water flow, with reliable operation and low failure rate.

6) Adopt PLC and colorful touch screen to form the perfect friendly human-machine interface. Not only does It realize the communication control with user host computer by Ethernet or DP communication mode, but also it can achieve automatic logic control, fault display and fault diagnosis function of power supply system.