Steel tube welding

It can realize induction heating, forging, smelting and material purification of black metals, non-ferrous metals, rare metals, semiconductors, high purity metal oxides and other materials.

60~1800KW Solid State High Frequency Welder


Application scope
Mainly used for straight seam welding of tubes of low carbon steel, high-strength steel and alloy steel.

Technical features

1) Fast welding speed, high production capacity and good energy-saving effect compared with vacuum tube welder.

2) Output ripple less than 1%, fine shaping and stable quality.

3) Wide adaptation scope for steel pipe welding, induction or contact welding type can be available to be provided.

4) With perfect protection function, reliable operation and low failure rate.


Typical pictures

Steel tube welding


High frequency welding machine

Metal pipe welding machine

High frequency induction heating welding machine