Steel pipe seam annealing

IGBT intermediate frequency power supply and silicon controlled medium frequency induction heating equipment are used for on-line annealing of steel pipe welds. Medium frequency power supply has high heating efficiency and excellent heat treatment effect. The PLC+HMI and high precision thermometer are used to realize the closed-loop temperature control of the weld seam, and the annealing temperature can be precisely controlled.

Steel pipe seam annealing

Steel pipe inline seam annealing is a kind of advanced technology for production of high quality pipes. The pipe seam is heated above critical temperature to be annealing treatment in order to eliminate welding residual stress and improve composition structure to make the seam and heat affect zone has the uniform composition structure, tenacity and strength.

Application scope
Seam inline heat treatment of oil pipe, high pressure fluid tube and other good quality steel pipe.

Technical features

1) High heating efficiency of medium frequency power supply unit and good effect of seam heat treatment.

2) IGBT or SCR medium frequency power supply unit with working frequency of 1~8kHz are optional. It has features of simple power supply structure, high safety and automatic load matching, which can be suitable for steel pipe seam annealing with different diameter and thickness.

3) The positioning table can adjust the space between inductor and seam, and can lift the inductor rapidly to avoid the impact between inductor and steel pipe with high safety.

4) Adopt PLC+HMI and high precision thermometer to realize seam temperature closed loop control to control the annealing temperature precisely.

5) Seam automatic tracking system is optional.



Typical pictures

Steel pipe seam annealing

Medium frequency induction heating equipment for heat treatment of steel pipe welds

Induction heating equipment for heat treatment of weld