Solid state high frequency welder (New technology)

The new generation of solid state high frequency welding machine, using all digital rectifying control board, full digital inverter control board, speed power closed loop technology, Ethernet networking technology, cloud control technology, using advanced manufacturing technology, has obtained reliability and technical specification verification in the welding pipe field, and has now entered the batch production stage and gradually pushed to the stage. Market.

The solid state high frequency welder with new technology has been developed successfully through the unremitting efforts of the R & D personnel of Sanzheng Electric Co., Ltd. as been verified by the reliability and technical specifications in the welding pipe field. It has now entered the batch production stage and gradually pushed to the market.

Technical features

【Display instrument digitization】

The rectifying cabinet panel is equipped with a multi-function digital meter, which has three phase input line voltage, three-phase line current, power factor, reactive power, active power, power, DC voltage, DC current and other parameters, and can be controlled, displayed and recorded through communication far to the upper computer.

【Full digital rectifying control board】

The new generation of solid state welding machine, using the field programmable logic gate array (FPGA) main control chip, the main frequency up to 100M, 16 bit A/D conversion chip (the original control board using 8 bit A/D conversion chip), the high precision of the data resolution; the cancellation of all the adjustable potentiometers on the board (12 control potentiometers in the original control board), color touch screen control System and parameter setting, debugging and operation are simple and intuitive. All parameters in the rectifier board can be transmitted to the host computer for display and recording through communication. The unique parallel working mode of FPGA ensures that the modules of the program operate at high speed and independently. And because of the hard line logic inside the FPGA chip, there is no problem of running the program, and the stability of the control system is enhanced. The full digital rectifying board adopts the double closed loop PI regulator, the inner ring is the current regulating ring, the outer ring can be set up to two modes of constant power or constant pressure (optional touch screen). It has the characteristics of high control precision, fast adjusting speed, strong flexibility, good interface extensibility and so on. It can achieve real one key control.

【All digital inverter control board】

The new generation of solid state high frequency welder has integrated the advanced control concept of similar products in the world. The field programmable logic gate array (FPGA) is used as the main control chip to realize the advanced control technology such as the fixed angle lock phase control, the upper / lower frequency locking protection and so on, which makes the equipment running more stable and more efficient. The inductor short circuit and open circuit fault protection in welded pipe production is more accurate and effective. At the same time, it has the function of frequency output, and it can transmit and run parameters to PLC display and record remotely.

The new inverter control board uses the pulse shielding technology (PSM) to adjust the power of the inverter, and successfully solves the load matching problem of the welding machine. When the user changes the steel pipe specification, the contact welding / induction welding switch, the impedance matching can be achieved without any changes to the welding machine, and the welding machine can be full power output under any working condition. The welding machine can guarantee the DC voltage to the rated value after 20% power, and the welding machine can guarantee the highest power factor and the minimum harmonic current when the 20%~100% power is rated. It has the advantage that the traditional power regulation mode can not be compared.

【Closed loop technology of speed power】

The new generation of solid-state high frequency welding machine is designed with the most advanced pulse shielding technology (PSM control technology). It can guarantee the best load matching state of the solid high frequency welding machine with the highest welding efficiency, the highest power factor and the lowest net side harmonic current. The speed and power closed-loop control of the welding machine can be realized by the combination of all digital rectifier plates and all digital inverters. The customer only needs to input the parameters of production specifications and wall thickness through the touch screen. The welding machine can automatically calculate the output power of the high frequency welding machine according to the speed of the car, reduce the waste of the steel pipe, improve the yield of the steel tube and the efficiency of the operator.

【Ethernet networking technology】

The distributed production line is constructed by Ethernet communication between rectifier cabinet and operation table. Compared with hard wire control, it has advantages of on-site wiring, simple and convenient, reducing customer costs and maintenance costs. Compared with MODBUS communication and DP communication, it has faster speed and stronger anti-interference ability. Data acquisition and recording can be carried out.

【Cloud control technology (optional)】

The cloud service module is selected, all data can be monitored and recorded remotely, and the production line can be controlled remotely. It is convenient for customers to conduct data analysis, product quality control, production scheduling and automatic control of higher requirements.

Schematic diagram of Ethernet network

Process structure

【The new bridge inverter technology design】

The new technology inverter bridge plate is made of the 12mm purple copper plate surface plating technology and the oval inner channel cooling, the surface of the water cooled plate is more smooth and the cooling effect is better. The temperature of the power element is better than the original inverter bridge under the same environment (using the tin plating process of the 5mm thick purple copper plate and the surface welding copper tube cooling mode) Low 3~5 degrees Celsius improves the safety of power devices.


The new bridge power inverter

【Bridge high frequency capacitor using PCB board installation process】

The high frequency absorption capacitance of the inverter bridge is more reasonable, the assembly and maintenance is more convenient, the quantity of the capacitor is 3 times of the original bridge plate, the absorption effect is better, and the safe operation of the power device is ensured.

【New MOS drive board】

The MOS negative pressure detection function, the MOS tube pulse detection function, and the positive voltage detection function of the power supply can be increased, which can effectively prevent the equipment from disease and reduce the two damage caused by the incomplete maintenance.

【The protection of the matching transformer and the capacitor of the groove】

Matching transformer and channel capacitance to install temperature protection switch to prevent overheating damage caused by blockage of water pipe.

The output thigh of the inverter cabinet is connected to the inductor, and the groove is connected with the hanging screw to prevent the field from firing thighs.】

【The high frequency voltmeter and the ammeter touch screen display of the operation console.】

The welding machine and the operating table are connected by communication, and the resonant frequency of high frequency, active, reactive, power, DC voltage, DC current, armature voltage and armature current are displayed in the touch screen of the operating table.

Technological index

Standard configuration】

All digital rectifying control, full digital inverter control, inverter bridge board new process design, bridge plate high frequency capacitance use PCB plate installation technology, new MOS drive board, matching transformer and groove capacitance protection, display instrument digital.

Option configuration】

Speed and power closed-loop control, Ethernet networking technology and cloud control technology.

Solid state high frequency welder (New generation)

The internal structure of new generation of solid state high frequency welding