Metal forging

Induction heating equipment, used in black metal, non-ferrous metal and metal alloys, using solid IGBT medium frequency / super audio power, for subsequent forging or other processing technology.

Metal forging

Application scope
Induction heating of ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and metal alloys is convenient for subsequent forging or other processing technology.

Technical features

(1) solid state IGBT intermediate frequency / super audio power supply, constant power control technology, and the product process is stable.

(2) Secondly, the optimized inductor design is easy to assemble and disassemble, efficient and energy saving, and the process is controllable.

(3) Third, low voltage resonance, electromagnetic radiation is small, and the working environment is safe.

(4) using PLC+HMI and high-precision thermometer to achieve closed-loop temperature / speed control, and accurately control the heating temperature.


Typical pictures

Forging and heating of steel bars

Metal forging induction heating equipment