Longitudinal magnetic heating of strip steel

Longitudinal magnetic heating of strip steel

Application scope
The thickness of the thin steel plate is more than 0.15mm, the heating temperature is below the Curie point (about 730 degrees), the thickness is above 2mm, copper plate, aluminum plate, stainless steel and other non-ferrous metal plates.

Technical features

(1) using spiral elliptical inductor / longitudinal magnetic induction heating technology, the power frequency requirement is high.

(2) The heating speed is fast and the efficiency is high (compared with the transverse magnetic heating). The energy saving effect is remarkable.

(3) Solid state MOSFET/IGBT power supply has perfect protection function, reliable operation and low failure rate.

(4) using PLC+HMI and high-precision thermometer to achieve closed-loop temperature / speed control, which can accurately control heating temperature and achieve full line automatic production.

Typical pictures

packing belt blueing



Soft melting line of strip steel

On-line heating and heating of silicon strip



High temperature heating of silicon strip on line

On line high temperature heating equipment for silicon strip