IGBT solid state medium frequency/super audio frequency induction heating equipment

The IGBT intermediate frequency / Ultra audio frequency induction heating equipment adopts the structure of AC DC AC converter, and the high-voltage and high-power IGBT module constitutes a series / parallel resonant inverter. Rectifier can use three phase 6 pulse thyristor rectifier, diode rectifier +IGBT DC chopper, 12 pulse thyristor rectifier three kinds of structures. It has perfect protection functions such as over voltage, over current, loss of lock, temperature and water flow, reliable operation and low failure rate.

IGBT solid state medium frequency/super audio frequency induction heating equipment

Application scope
Metal smelting, brazing, welding, forging, heating, coating, hot assembly, tempering, quenching, annealing, normalizing, etc.

Technological index

Power scope: 50kW-3000kW

Frequency scope: 0.1kHz-100kHz

Rated DC voltage: 500V-900V

Power grid voltage: 220V~660V,50/60Hz,3-phase



Function & structure

IGBT medium frequency/super audio frequency induction heating power supply adopts AC-DC-AC variable frequency structure. Rectifier can adopt the three structures of 3-phase 6-pulse thyristor rectifying, diode rectifying + IGBT DC chopping, and 12-pulse thyristor rectifying. There are two different types of structure for inverter and resonant tank circuit: 1) parallel resonance; 2) series resonance. The two different resonance type has dual relation and fit for different heated load.

Parallel resonance type: adopt high voltage large power IGBT module and large power fast recovery diode to form current type inverter power unit. Realize large power output by direct power superimposition of inverter power unit. Resonant tank circuit can adopt pure parallel, voltage-multiplying or transformer output mode for different load situations.

Series resonance type: inverter adopts high voltage large power IGBT module to form voltage type inverter power unit. The inverter output realizes power synthesis, impedance matching and electrical isolation through matching transformer. Resonant tank circuit adopt series resonance and will be independent design as per different load heating status.

The complete set of equipment is composed of induction heating power supply cabinet, resonance tank circuit cabinet, circulation soft water cooler, control desk (optional), automatic control system (optional), etc.



3-phase 6-pulse parallel IGBT induction heater  DC chopping parallel IGBT induction heater



3-phase 6-pulse series IGBT induction heater   3-phase 12-pulse series IGBT induction heate

Technical features

1) Adopt high voltage power IGBT module to form series/parallel resonance inverter; modular power unit adopts heat dissipation technology by aluminum inlaid with copper tube, which has excellent ability of corrosion resistance and heat elimination.

2) The inverter phase-lock circuit adopt full digital control technology. Main control chip uses industrial CPLD with high reliability and flexibility. Not only does it have high phase locking precision, but also it can meet the special requirement to peripheral interface for different users.

3) The rectifier adopts advanced FPGA micro processing control system, to realize precise synchronous triggering, high precision control and small grid-side non-characteristic harmonic. It can realize different operation mode of constant power, constant voltage and constant current.

4) Series resonant power supply has the function of electronics automatic load matching, high electrical efficiency, strong adaptability of load, high grid side power factor.

5) It has the perfect protection function of over voltage, over current, Loss of lock, temperature and water flow, with reliable operation and low failure rate.

6) Adopt PLC and colorful touch screen to form the perfect friendly human-machine interface. Not only does It realize the communication control with user host computer by Ethernet or DP communication mode, but also it can achieve automatic logic control, fault display and fault diagnosis function of power supply system.