Artificial gem

Zirconia, Magnesium Oxide, aluminium oxide and other metal oxides and metal alloy production equipment.

Artificial gem

Application scope
Zirconia, Magnesium Oxide, three oxide, two aluminum and other metal oxides and metal alloys.

Technical features

(1) the cold crucible process is used to process the inductor, and the frequency converter is used to lift up and down, and the speed can be adjusted.

(2) Solid state high frequency MOSFET power supply and constant power control technology ensure gem quality and process stability.

(3) compared with the original high frequency power supply, the power saving rate is over 30%, and the process is controllable.

(4) Fourth, low voltage resonance, electromagnetic radiation is small, and the working environment is safe.

(5) By using PLC+HMI, the output power and the time can be set flexibly melting and pulling process, reduce the operation of workers.


Typical pictures

Zirconia (artificial gemstone)



aluminium oxide(Sapphire)