Aluminum tube and profile welding

The high frequency welding machine is mainly used for high frequency longitudinal welding of various aluminum pipes or special-shaped pipes, such as furniture, chemical industry, light textile, agricultural sprinkler irrigation system, decoration, etc. The welding machine is designed with integrated structure, compact structure and small volume, which is convenient for layout in the field.

Aluminum tube & profile welding

Application scope
Mainly for high frequency straight seam welding of aluminum tube and profile for the application of furniture, chemical industry, textile, agricultural sprinkling irrigation system, decoration, etc.

Technical features

1) The welder adopts higher frequency (300~500kHz) with features of high frequency energy concentration, narrow seam heat affect zone, good seam quality and higher welding speed.

2) Adopt speed-power closed loop control with high degree of automation.

3) The welder adopt integration design with compact structure and small size, which is convenient for layout at site.



Typical pictures

Aluminum tube & profile welding


Aluminum tube profile Aluminum pipe welding equipment