With the continual hard working of SanZheng Electric R&D researchers, the new generation solid-state high-frequency welder has been successfully developed, and verified in some welding applications. The new generation solid-state HF welder will be launched on the market widely soon. Control Technology Digital Display Multi-function digital meters are installed on the welder cabinet panel, which […]

Since the load impedance of the induction-heating power supply will change with the load temperature or with different heating requirements, it’s difficult to output rated power in many applications for a certain induction-heating power supply. So, power regulation of induction-heating power supply(also called Load Matching) is the most key technology. The ways of power regulation […]

Before the development of induction heating technology, resistance furnace, gas combustion furnace and fuel furnace are the main methods of heating metal and non metal. Induction heating has the following advantages compared with it: Characteristics of induction heating Rapid heating: the heating of workpiece by induction heating is faster than that of convective and thermal […]