March 10, 2018 is an exciting day for all Sanzheng people. Today’s Sanzheng Electic Company has a year’s birthday. Time flies, time flies, pronto, the company has gone through more than 300 day and night. During this period, with the sweat and efforts of all the tri – Zheng people, we fought hard in the […]

New employee training

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3/18/2018 23:51:51

In order to help new employees understand the culture of the enterprise as soon as possible, adapt to the working environment, be familiar with the business process, promote the communication between the employees and the company, the company has held a series of new staff training. In several training activities, the head of the company […]

Annual meeting 2018

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2/11/2018 23:27:49

Happy new year and new year. In February 10, 2018, the company held a “three new journey, new beyond,” a new climate conference at the end of 2018. All three people, have a joyous gathering enjoyable, drinking, and shared feast. The annual meeting began at nine thirty in the morning. First of all, the company […]