Annual meeting 2018

Happy new year and new year. In February 10, 2018, the company held a "three new journey, new beyond," a new climate conference at the end of 2018. All three people, have a joyous gathering enjoyable, drinking, and shared feast.

The annual meeting began at nine thirty in the morning. First of all, the company led the new year's new year's speech, shared the outstanding achievements of the company in 2017, and the new goals and work outlook in 2018. It gave a sincere appreciation to all the employees who worked hard for the year and commended the outstanding employees. Encourage. Followed by the long - awaited and carefully arranged song performance and game activities, the scene of the scene suddenly climax, exciting, listening to the song won everyone cheers and warm applause! The laughter and laughter echoed across the hall.

The wonderful annual meeting, beautiful memories, songs echoing, passionate hearts surging. The 2017 is a harvest year, standing at a new starting point, but do not forget the early heart, accumulate steadily. In 2018, three people will temper endeavour, ningxinjuli, together with new journey!