Annual celebrations of Sanzheng Electric Company

March 10, 2018 is an exciting day for all Sanzheng people. Today's Sanzheng Electic Company has a year's birthday.

Time flies, time flies, pronto, the company has gone through more than 300 day and night. During this period, with the sweat and efforts of all the tri - Zheng people, we fought hard in the fierce market competition, went forward and accepted the heavy baptism and cruel test of the market. During this period, how many memorable moments have been written, and the beautiful moments are always engraved in our minds forever. Everyone together, together to taste the first equipment factory inspection qualified, the golden autumn festival all the accompanying tour, the Spring Festival will be warm and auspicious... With the sound of sound music sound in the workshop, the anniversary of the cake slowly launched, the flame of the candle's lively beating, everyone together to sing birthday song, together to celebrate the S3 Sheng company students Happy day.

Do not forget the early heart stand together through storm and stress. On this special day, let all the three people continue to take the spirit of hard struggle, guard against arrogance and impetuosity, work together with one heart, and make persistent efforts to create good results.